Text 8 Feb 8 notes The First in the Series

This week I accomplished many things for my Independent Study. I went to the opening of Love in Print 2011. I had the chance to see many great printmakers’ work. It was really inspiring to see all of the work that is being done in Portland. It was interesting to look at the different styles. Although, I really liked some of the pieces, I would really prefer that my own work look drastically different from the other work around Portland.

I also spent a significant amount of time reading about the history of woodblock printing and printing in general.This was a little trickier but I did manage to complete my paper on the subject. Reading about printmaking was incredibly interesting and more than anything, I found that there are many resources available on how to do printmaking. Unfortunately, there is less material on the historical aspects. Either way, everything I read seems to influence my art work that I am doing. A few highlights that I am thinking about are: Japanese style woodblock printing and advertising campaign printing. Although, I enjoyed reading about many things, I am excited to integrate these ideas into my work.

This week I completed three blocks to make one three color print. I am very happy with how it turned out and the lessons that I learned in the process (pictures to be posted soon).

I used Speedball’s Speedy Cut block for my carving this time around. It is super soft and easy to cut. In fact, I would say that it is too easy to cut. I found myself cutting too deep on accident and cutting through lines too quickly causing mistakes. It also is a little flaky. I don’t think that for the long lasting project, if I was printing many prints this block would hold up well. I think this is unfortunate because it really doesn’t take much effort to cut it. I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds. I will continue to try out block types and I am sure I will find one that I love eventually. After researching Japanese woodblock printing, I am eager to move on to wood in the coming weeks.  

I got a bench hook to use as well this week. This is helping my fingers stay intact and I love it. It is really nice to hold my piece in place and it works great at a inking plate as well. I only wish I had a few more of them and a few more brayers. Then I would not have to clean in between each ink color.

I also got new carving tools. I ordered some new Speedball carving handles and tips. This gives me a better selection on sizes and shapes, allowing for some new texture options. I plan to try each and everyone of them out just to see what they can do.

I need to still look into getting a good baren. This week I used a glass from my kitchen cupboard. I will need a better tool in the future.

After meeting with my professor this week, I have a better idea of what my final project (the show) will hopefully shape up to look like. We talked about using the all blocks that I create to print onto one large piece of paper to create one large piece of art rather than several small pieces. I think sounds like an amazing piece of art. I am so excited to proceed.

This has been a very fun week. Next week, I am starting a 6”x6” block. I can’t wait to pick out a subject.

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